Repairing vs. Replacing Car Glass: What’s The Better Option?

Repairing vs. Replacing Car Glass

Getting a chip or crack in your car’s windshield or other glass is annoying and potentially dangerous. When “Repairing vs. Replacing Car Glass” becomes an issue, you’ll need to weigh factors like cost, convenience, appearance, safety, and more to pick the best solution. This article compares the pros and cons of professional car glass repair versus full replacement to help inform your decision.

The Causes and Risks of Damaged Car Glass

Repairing vs. Replacing Car Glass

Before deciding how to address your car’s glass damage, it’s good to understand what causes it and why it matters. There are three main causes of chips and crack:

  1. Road debris: Rocks or gravel kicked up while driving are a prime offender.
  2. Temperature shifts: Sudden swings in hot and cold cause subtle windshield flexing over time.
  3. Minor accidents: Small collisions or debris falling on the glass surface.

Driving with damaged glass poses critical safety issues. Cracks can continue spreading across your entire windshield over days or weeks, obscuring vision. In a crash, the car glass provides crucial structural support, so integrity matters greatly. Damaged glass also fails safety inspections in most states.

About Repairing Car Glass

How Car Glass Repair Works

How Car Glass Repair Works

Windshield crack repair is a specialized technique done by professionals with the right tools. It solves glass chips and short cracks up to approximately 3 inches long. The basic process includes:

  1. Cleaning crack area – Removes dirt and debris around the damage.
  2. Injecting resin – Special fluid fills and seals the crack.
  3. Curing with UV light – Hardens the resin fully.
  4. Finishing – Polishing makes the repair nearly invisible.

This seals cracks effectively to stop them from spreading further and restores structural strength. Proper repair also prevents the glass from chipping again in the repair zone.

Advantages of Repairing Chipped or Cracked Car Glass

 Car Glass Repair

To compare repairing vs. replacing car glass required some benefits. So, read about getting benefits after professional car glass repair.

  •  Cheaper – Just 100-5000 Dirham typically, far less than replacement.
  • Faster – Repairs take roughly 30 minutes max at your location.
  • Convenience – Technicians can come to your home or workplace in many cases.
  • Environmentally sound – Less waste vs. manufacturing new carglass.
  • OEM glass preserved – You keep the original factory-installed windshield.
  • Appearance retained – Less visible damage after quality repair.

There are also insurance incentives. Many policies waive your glass deductible when repairing rather than installing a new car glass.

About Replacing Car Glass

 Factors Affecting the Car Glass Replacement

 Factors Affecting the Car Glass Replacement

Despite its perks, car glass repair does have some limitations in severe cases:

  • Very long cracks – Repair resin effectiveness decreases past 4 inches.
  • Severe pitting or holes – Significant physical damage can’t be remedied.
  • Wiper arm friction – Cracks crossing the driver’s windshield wiper’s path must be replaced.
  • Old glass – Repairs last longer when the car glass itself is newer.

Additionally, some insurers count a repaired car glass as a claim, which can increase premiums eventually. It varies among providers, though.

How Does Car Glass Replacement Works

How Does Car Glass Replacement Works

When cracks, chips, and other damage pass the threshold for effective repairs, replacing car glass becomes necessary. It’s still the best restoration option despite higher costs.

There are two main installation methods used by auto glass companies – in-shop replacement or mobile on-site installation:

  •  In-shop uses auto service bays to remove old glass and install new car glass. This option allows you to keep your car protected indoors rather than on-street.
  • Mobile installation is done curbside at your home/workplace by technicians with special equipment to efficiently replace glass safely outdoors. Some add dust barriers for a cleaner process.

New windshields have improved safety features compared to those over 10 years old. It includes better lamination, stronger glass, and advanced coatings. Still, OEM factory glass offers the best compatibility and fit.

The Cost of Repairing Vs. Replacing Car Glass

Now that we’ve covered how repair and replacement work for broken glass, what’s the final cost difference?

  • Windshield repairs cost 100-500 AED (27-120 USD) on average, based on crack severity and local rates.
  • Windshield replacement ranges from 500-1200 AED (120-320 USD), depending on glass dimensions, vehicle make/model, and local labor.

So you’ll pay at least double for a new windshield install. Additional repairs like wiper arms, sensors, and recalibrations can add another 500 AED (120 USD) or more to the replacement. However, higher initial expense brings greater long-term benefits in safety and integrity.

Making the Best Choice for Your Needs

Weighing up “Repairing vs. Replacing Car Glass” isn’t always straightforward when glass gets chipped or cracked. Minor damage may seem simple enough to repair. In moderate cases, though, judgment calls enter based on crack length, location, origin, cause, glass age, frequent driving conditions, and more. Vehicle type matters too – trucks face more road debris risks, necessitating fresh installs.

As with most car repairs, seeking professional guidance is wise. Getting an in-person inspection and recommendation from an experienced auto glass repair company costs little to nothing. They best identify if a car glass can still be restored safely through resin repairs or needs complete replacement. Making informed, situation-specific decisions gives you peace of mind.


Damaged windshields repair vs replace should be addressed quickly to avoid expanding cracks that reduce visibility and structural safety. For minor chips and cracks up to 3 inches, specialized resin repair techniques offer fast, affordable, and convenient fixes. However, more extensive damage requires new glass replacement for ensured performance. 

Getting a professional assessment helps determine if your particular case favors economical repair or vital replacement. With modern auto glass solutions, restoring clear views and confidence in car glass integrity is well within reach.


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